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About Us

DogRadar was inspired by Vitéz, the Hungarian Vizsla. Since I spend most of my time with him, I wanted to create an application, that lets users spend quality time with their dog. Thanks to PANIQ ROOM, I saw the popularity of escape rooms, and I wanted to bring the fun of that unique form of entertainment out into nature. The DogRadar’s game plots take place in some of the most famous parks in the country. They are approximately two hours long and the players have to solve 10-14 dog-friendly puzzles in order to get to the final stop.

Since vizslas are very active, and they have to run a lot. So I have to spend a lot of time in the park playing ball with Vitéz. A service that shows how many dogs are currently walking near us, seemed to be the perfect platform for the adventure game. There are a lot of urban dogs nearby, but Vitéz is very picky; he doesn’t have an easy-going personality. The application gives us the opportunity to plan our walks and connect with nice dog owners around me. My plan is to create the “Facebook of dogs,” a brand that represents having fun with your dog, the non-traditional way.

My idea was funded by Hiventures Corporation. The fantastic pictures of Vitéz were taken by The application and every element of the project is the intellectual property of Dogradar LLC. I would like to thank my team and my partners, who support me on my mission, for all of their hard work.

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