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Adventure Game

Team up with your dog to save the park!

Cats have swarmed the park! Even Animal Control is overwhelmed trying to keep a lid on the chaos. It’s up to you and your best pup pal to clear the park of this feline infestation! Follow the directions around the park and solve a series of mysterious puzzles and brain teasers to prove canine superiority over those wicked cats.

Typical game time is from 60 to 90 minutes. During your walk, you will reach 10 or more stations with various tasks and challenges to conquer. No appointments to make, and you can start it whenever you’d like. All you need is a cell phone with internet access and your faithful dog at your side.

Just follow the instructions and remember: DOGS ALWAYS WIN!

How does it work?

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DogRadar Map

DogRadar app on is coming soon!

Looking for new playdates for your doggie? Ever had an exciting conversation in the park with another dog owner and want to do it again? Then you need the DogRadar app.

You can check the radar anytime to see which dogs are in the park and looking for fun.
Old doggie friends will be automatically added to your friend list, so you can plan an even better playdate next time!

DogRadar is a great way to meet new pet-loving people, all while spending quality time with man’s best friend!